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Sovereign AI

kvant AI, the end-to-end AI and data platform from the ideation to production built for business.

Switzerland pioneering through Sovereign AI

Phoenix Technologies, the Swiss Tech Cluster for AI-based technologies, is offering the first Swiss “Sovereign AI As a Service” for companies and public authorities.

Run on Swiss Sovereign AI infrastructure

Built on IBM Research's Vela AI Supercomputer, kvant AI is a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable AI Cloud solution, ensuring control over AI workloads. Located in the kvant Region Basel, the infrastructure is managed by a Swiss entity ensuring scalability, flexibility, and unparalleled security for your models and users.

Build, govern and scale AI models with watsonx

IBM brings together new generative AI capabilities powered by foundation models and traditional machine learning (ML) into a powerful studio spanning the AI lifecycle. Businesses can tune and guide models with enterprise data to meet their needs with easy-to-use tools for building and refining performant prompts

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Discover the community and deepen your AI practice

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on four specific thematic areas for research and subsequent development into products and services. Residents benefit from the huge potential for innovation in Biotech, Medtech, Digital Health and Industrial Transformation.

What you get

Unlock the power of AI with our end-to-end solution kvant AI, encompassing every step of the journey. From preparing data for AI training to building foundation models, conducting AI training, implementing guardrails, and facilitating seamless rollout, our comprehensive platform ensures a smooth and efficient process. Transform your business operations with actionable insights and advanced automation capabilities.


Get Ready for AI

Guidance for your team to set up the right structures, enbalement of the organization and preparing your data for the AI usecase. We will execute an AI Enablement Workshop to navigate these challenges.


Select the right Foundation Models

Engage with our AI consultants to identify the optimal foundation models tailored to your specific use case, ensuring alignment with kvant AI capabilities for enhanced performance and efficiency. This consultative approach guarantees a personalized solution that addresses your unique challenges and objectives.


Initiate the AI Training

Work together with AI Engineers on defining, building and refine the foundation model, by injecting your business data directly in kvant AI. This iterative process allows you to fine-tune the model to your unique requirements, ensuring relevance to your business objectives.


Define Your Guard Rails

With guard rails your organization will address a holistic approach to AI governance, ensuring the responsible handling and use of AI and mitigates the risk of reputational, regulatory, and operational damage. kvant AI allows an automated data and model lifecycle solution for creating policies, assigning decision rights and ensuring organizational accountability.


Scaling AI Use Cases

Having a clear process to scale AI use cases from discovery to operation is crucial for aligning AI projects with business objectives, managing risks effectively, and ensuring optimal use of resources. This structured approach enhances scalability and replicability, allowing for the adaptation and reuse of successful AI solutions in different contexts.


Build Your AI Application

After successful data preparation, model selection and model training, your use case is ready for model deployment. Review the solution architecture based on enterprise standard patterns and ensure delivery excellence for your AI Application in a production environment.


Launch Your AI Application

kvant AI provides latest supercompute infrastructure for scaling your AI use cases from PoC to production. Together, we set up your organization to govern your projects efficiently while keeping enterprise service level agreements in place.

Read more about our strategic collaboration with IBM

With our strategic partners, we empower businesses to leverage the full potential of kvant AI, combining our expertise with cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation, accelerate AI development, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

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