The Swiss Sovereign Cloud Platform for Enterprise AI

Secure, scalable AI and enterprise solutions for all needs.

Bringing Sovereign Cloud to Life

Use kvant Iaas and CPU, Storage, Memory and GPU with Confidential Computing, so you can get a secure Cloud environment.

Bringing Sovereign Cloud to Life

Build AI with Sovereignty

Use kvant AI to effortlessly train, validate, and deploy AI models while scaling analytics and AI workloads with open, governed data solutions that ensure responsibility and transparency.

Build AI with Sovereignty

The first Swiss Cloud Platform to combine Sovereign Cloud and AI

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, kvant Cloud Platform is a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable Cloud solution, ensuring control over AI applications and mission-critical workloads - rooted in the principles of open-source and entirely Swiss, from data center to application, kvant ensures scalability, flexibility, and unparalleled security.

Self Service for Cloud and AI

Empower your business with quick deployment and easy management of Cloud and AI solutions, accelerating your time to market.

Sovereign Cloud

Keep your applications secure and compliant, with Swiss data protection ensuring your business meets all regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Grade

Experience exceptional service performance with 99.99% uptime, delivering reliable, scalable, and secure support for your business needs.

Developed for your most ambitious AI goals

Our platform is tailored to elevate your business, providing seamless integration and unparalleled support for your most visionary projects.

Business Layer

Leverage state-of-the-art cloud services for mission-critical applications with sustainable computing, virtual machines, and confidential computing and use the first commercial AI Cloud in Switzerland

Automation Layer

Streamline operations with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for seamless integration of security, compute, network, storage, and connectivity.

Infrastructure Layer

Rely on robust, secure deployment options for both on-premise and off-premise needs, ensuring exceptional availability and scalability.

Transform Your Business with Scalable, Secure AI Solutions

Transform Your Business with Scalable, Secure AI Solutions

Experience seamless AI integration and robust security for mission-critical applications.